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South Africa

South Africa has often been described as “A World in One Country” and this is certainly true! South Africa has it all. Its acres of wilderness teem with wildlife, its oceans brim with marine life, and yet it also offers the contrast of sophisticated waterside cities with beautiful beaches and mountain scenery which is simply stunning. Whether you yearn for bush safari adventure, luxurious hotels, captivating history or want to tee off on some of the world’s best golf courses, this is the holiday for you!

It is also a realistic holiday – with overnight flights and no jet lag causing minimum disruption to routine and no health precautions to be taken (unless visiting malaria areas) it is easy to reach. English is widely spoken and driving is the same as in the UK on the left hand side of the road. However, it is a vast country and – the size of France and Spain combined – and as such has large climatic variations between the different regions. Being in the Southern Hemisphere its seasons are the reverse of Europe with mid summer being December/January and mid winter being July/August.”

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When to go


Being further north, you will find very hot days between October – March, but this is also when the majority of the rain falls, with cooler, drier days between April – September.

Johannesburg and Sun City Tempratures


Cape Town

These areas enjoy a very Mediterranean type climate with warm, dry, sunny days from
October – March, and cooler, wetter days between May – August.

Cape Town Temprature


  • Non Stop overnight flights with British Airways, South African Airways or Virgin Atlantic.
  • No Jet Lag – only a 1 hour time difference
  • Non-stop overnight flights to Cape Town
  • Leave the UK in the evening and arrive in time for breakfast the next day!
  • No injections required (anti –malarials needed if travelling in a malaria area)
  • No visas necessary (for British Passport holders)
  • Fly with British Airways, South African Airways or Virgin Atlantic


Please click on the highlighted areas of the map that you are interested in below to see more information. South Africa Map Garden Route Eastern Cape North West Map Kwa Zulu Naal Map