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Oman has preserved its Arabian heritage with traditional low rise buildings, a rich culture and friendly, hospitable people. As well as a fantastic climate, beautiful beaches and an untouched coastline, you will find magnificent inland scenery with lush wadis and groves of frankincense trees.

Muscat has no skyscrapers and Old Muscat brims with Arabesque arches and domes and dazzling white houses. It is a true modern Arab city but still alive with Arab tradition. Outside the city you will witness scenes little changed from the Middle Ages like the Friday goat and cattle market at Nizwa.

Desert exploration is an unmissable experience – desert safaris range from gentle excursions to overnight trips in encampments under the stars! And for underwater discovery, you cannot beat Oman’s clear, sparkling waters and abundant sealife, which offers excellent diving and snorkelling.

Oman Temprature